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Homemade bread artworks

Installation in a shop's window (tea set display)
maternal love
Maternal Love  is an installation of homemade bread pieces baked by the artist alone and displayed on the walls
of an 8m long corridor which is part of a listed building in Camberwell College of Arts, London.

Bread is simultaneously a rich and modest material, its symbolism and
diverse cultural connections meet the integrity of water and flour.
The initial visual impact is the resemblance of the bread to bricks.
bricklaying is a job traditionally given to men, following the same stereotyped way,
dealing with food and baking bread is a task for the defenseless women for whom the kitchen offers protection. 
These stereotyped views lend their archaeological atmosphere to this space, either through the smell of stale bread,
the historic interest of the listed building itself and the old-fashioned
stained glass which attempts to revive itself everytime the daylight reflects its colors.

The material's basic components transformed through kneading, energy, caress, and the yeast pillowy effect
followed by the baking in the oven can be comprehended as an analogy to generate and give birth a child.
This corridor could be seen as a birth tunnel, a brick oven that connects different parts of the building, with a certain authority perhaps, as the only way to reach the other side is through the tunnel. 
In a time of several television cooking shows where the viewer is not able to taste the dishes, instead,
relies on what the judges conclude, I have assembled my own 'dish' using a simple ingredient,
teased and asked the viewers not to eat it (since part of the bread has been varnished). 

MATERNAL LOVE  is a monument dedicated to my wonderful son Santiago.
Just like this bread, he has been raised solely with my strong arms and rewarding love.

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